IOT Energy Efficiency

All in one complete energy and grid analyzer monitor for home, commercial or industrial efficiency. Open source, Wifi, MODBUS and LoRa. From distributed generation infrastructure to billing and energy efficiency eGEO is the most open and professional solution.

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Features & Specifications

  • Easy to install and setup
  • Monitor up to six 120A circuits 0.2s Class
  • WiFi, Ethernet, MODBUS, micro SD card and LoRa(add-on)
  • Measure harmonics, power factor, active/reactive power and energy, and MORE!
  • Embedded Linux Operating system and Open Source
  • Create your own software and integrate into your platform or use our turnkey solution with eGEO Monitoring

Features & Specifications

Linux OS and Open source

Program the 580MHz MIPS CPU with a full Linux operating system with your custom software and/or platform integration.  We handle the metrology complexity so you can focus on the business.

starting at $399.98

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