Reading Parameters Basics

The eGEO Analyzer has an independent metrology engine that handles all the device’s metering.  The Onion Omega2+ is connected to it via UART at a baud rate of 230400Bd.

In order to request the metering data to the engine, you need to make a request in JSON format and wait for a response. The engine can only handle ONE request at the time, which means it will ignore all requests until it responds to the current request.

The engine has 2 full sub-units capable of processing 3 Phase 4 wires measurements. We refer to them as chip 1 and chip 2. Chip 1 handles IA1, IB1, IC1, UA, UB, UC, and Chip 2 handles IA2, IB2, IC2, UA, UB, UC. This also means that the voltage readings for Chip1 and Chip2 are the same.