The eGEO Analyzer can be connected by either Wifi OR Ethernet by default. You are able to modify this(Changing communication Routing).

Power your meter and wait for the green light at the I/O LED, the Analyzer takes around 3 mins to fully start.


You must have a Wifi router with WPA2/WPA/WEP security.

On your computer look for the omega-XXX network and connect to it with the provided AP network password.  XXXX=your meter ID.


Open your preferred web browser and go to http://omega-XXXX.local,  XXX=your meter ID

Access y with the username: root and the provided password.  Your eGEO Analyzer is powered by the onion omega2+ and the Onion OS.

Select the terminal icon and put the same authentication username and password.

Enter wifisetup and you’ll see the following output:

root@Omega-2757:/# wifisetup
Onion Omega Wifi Setup

Select from the following:
1) Scan for Wifi networks
2) Type network info
q) Exit


You can enter,1 and your meter will scan for available networks:

Selection: 1
Scanning for wifi networks...

Select Wifi network:
1) BYB
2) studio sixteen
3) EG Energy
4) mayaaa
5) Authentic
6) OnionWiFi
7) Orpheus
8) Omega-18C2


Enter your selection and you will be prompted for a password if required. Your network authentication type will be automatically detected in the scan:

Selection: 6
Network: OnionWiFi
Authentication type: WPA2PSK
Enter password:

Enter your password, and hit enter. Your meter will restart and attempt to connect to the new network.

Since the network adapter is restarting, the AP will go down and be inaccessible during this period, but it will come back up in about 1 minute.

You can now communicate with your meter by connecting to the same network as your meter.

Via Ethernet

Plug one of the ethernet outlet to the eGEO Analyzer ethernet port.