World's smartest Meters

We design and manufacture electric sub-metering meters and grid analyzers designed to embrace the Smart Grid 2.0 which integrates the IOT to energy efficiency.

We have created an end to end flexible tool for commercial and private developments that require energy monitoring with a full Linux OS with an easy and simple library to get your application working in less than 10 mins.

EV Charging Stations

P2P Energy Trading

Smart Home Integration

Microgrid ESCO

Industrial Optimization

Traditional Smart Grids

eGEO Analyzer

All Quadrant Energy Metering

It is an electric energy meter with 0.2S accuracy of active and reactive, reverse and direct energy of up to 6 one phase circuits or 2 three-phase circuits.

Power Line Analyzer

It has the ability to measure all the parameters of the electric line such as frequency, power factor and harmonic energy, among others.

Full Linux OS / Open Source

It is a very powerful development platform with WIFI and ethernet connection to send data through the network in a fast and safe way. It also allows to make your own metrology developments and/or as a data concentrator in C ++, Python, Node and more!

eGEO Monitoring Integration

Fully integrated with an end to end, totally customizable solution dashboard and control center.