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Operations Glossary

This it the list of avaliable request to the metering engine:

Get Temperature:

  • Operation: “getTemp”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Frequency:

  • Operation: “getFrequency”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Mean Phase Angle:

  • Operation: “getPAngleA” or “getPAngleB” or “getPAngleC”
  • Parameters: chip

GetVoltage Phase Angle:

  • Operation: “getUangleA” or “getUangleB” or “getUangleC”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Active Power:

  • Operation: “getPowerA” or “getPowerB” or “getPowerC” or “getPowerT”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Reactive Power:

  • Operation: “getQPowerA” or “getQPowerB” or “getQPowerC” or “getQPowerT”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Aparent Power:

Get Power Factor:

  • Operation: “getPFA” or “getPFB” or “getPFC” or “getPFT”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Active Fundamental Power:

  • Operation: “getPmeanAF” or “getPmeanBF” or “getPmeanCF” or “getPmeanTF”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Active Harmonic Power:

  • Operation: “getPmeanAH” or “getPmeanBH” or “getPmeanCH” or “getPmeanTH”
  • Parameters: chip

Get RMS Voltage:

  • Operation: “getVoltageA” or “getVoltageB” or “getVoltageC”
  • Parameters: chip

Get RMS Current:

  • Operation: “getCurrentA” or “getCurrentB” or “getCurrentC” or “getCurrentN”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Voltage THD+N:

  • Operation: “getTHDNUA” or “getTHDNUA” or “getTHDNUA”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Current THD+N:

  • Operation: “getTHDNIA” or “getTHDNIB” or “getTHDNIC”
  • Parameters: chip

Start DFT:

  • Operation: “startFourier”
  • Parameters: chip

when is ready it responds 1

Get Current Harmonic Ratio:

  • Operation: “getFourierIA” or “getFourierIB” or “getFourierIC”
  • Parameters:”chip” and “harm” (from 2 to 32)

Get Current Total Harmonic Distortion Ratio:

  • Operation: “getFourierIAT” or “getFourierIBT” or “getFourierICT”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Current Fundamental Component:

  • Operation: “getAIFund” or “getBIFund” or “getCIFund”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Voltage Harmonic Ratio:

  • Operation: “getFourierUA” or “getFourierUB” or “getFourierUC”
  • Parameters: “chip” and “harm” (from 2 to 32)

Get Voltage Total Harmonic Distortion Ratio:

  • Operation: “getFourierUAT” or “getFourierUBT” or “getFourierUCT”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Voltage Fundamental Component:

  • Operation: “getAUFund” or “getBUFund” or “getCUFund”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Active Acumulated Energy:

  • Operation: “getADAE” or “getBDAE” or “getCDAE”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Active Inverse Acumulated Energy:

  • Operation: “getAIAE” or “getBIAE” or “getCIAE”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Reactive Acumulated Energy:

  • Operation: “getADRE” or “getBDRE” or “getCDRE”
  • Parameters: chip

Get Reactive Inverse Acumulated Energy:

  • Operation: “getAIRE” or “getBIRE” or “getCIRE”
  • Parameters: chip

Reboot Engine:

  • Operation: “reboot”
  • Parameters: none

Reboot Chips:

  • Operation: “rebootPIC”
  • Parameters: none